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Frozen is Fresh

Frozen is Fresh

Yes it is. Did you know that IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) seafood products are probably fresher than non-frozen seafood you buy at your local store? Why? Because "fresh" unfrozen seafood could be up to 4-6 days old by the time it gets through the supply chain and onto your table. Note: In most cases the cold chain management is not adequate which leads to the loss in quality or freshness of the seafood. Where the cold chain is adequately maintained at all times, and there is minimum exposure to air, un-frozen seafood can be kept fresh for 3-4 days without any significant decrease in quality.

IQF technology is the only process whereby virtually all the properties of food can be preserved. Slow or traditional freezing causes cellular damage and moisture loss. Quick freezing preserves the moisture and tissue hence preserving all the natural goodness. The logic is simple. The IQF process locks in all the freshness and natural goodness of our products for you to enjoy.

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