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The proof is in the eating.

"At Fishvish, you get fresh fish, which are cleaned to perfection. They have no fishy odour, are conveniently packaged and delivered at your doorstep the same day that you place an order. Making crabs, lobsters or any exotic fish at home is no longer a problem."
Poulomi Gokhale
Aundh, Pune

"The term 'fish market' resonated throughout my childhood in classrooms, group discussions and many other situations involving cacophany. It didn't help either that the sights and smells of most of the roadside establishments selling fish actually acted as deterrents towards ever trying some. And lastly, the fact that unthinkable amount of cleaning is required even before turning on the stove meant that I lived in a fishless world for a long time, missing out on the leanest, most varied,most nutritious and closest to nature animal protein on the planet.

The last straw on the camel's back are Pune restaurants where you can have any grill you want as long as it's a Pomphret. As we do on all matters, I looked up on Google to understand the sea food situation in Pune when I stumbled across Fishvish.

Wait a minute! This is not "Macchi bajar"at all! I can actually see variety around me. Everything on offer is pre-cleaned and frozen on individual piece basis. I can create an account in 2 minutes and place the order with cash-on-delivery amongst other options. This can be done 7 days a week. Hmmm, now we're talking!

The order arrives. I have with me two neatly packed large parcels with individually frozen pieces. Cook what you want, keep the rest in the freezer. And at half the price you pay on a lobster crumb dinner in a fine dine, have your fill of prawn, tuna, trout for the entire weekend... yes, four hearty meals."

Ashmant Tiwari
Kharadi, Pune

"Very good online fish delivery in Pune. Regularly buy Tuna, even tried the lobster. Very reasonable rates and fast delivery."
Rosamma Mathews
Singhad Road, Pune

"I have been a customer of Fishvish for more than 15 months. By profession I am a teacher and also a mother of two voracious shrimp lovers! Often I am challenged late in the evening with the need to provide a protein rich meal for my boys. That need is more often than not fulfilled by a freezer equipped with Fishvish products.

These products are of excellent quality and the best frozen option I have found in Pune. Specifically, the shrimp selection (curry, medium as well as large prawns) and the fillet products are very easy to use. What I like best is that the frozen pieces are easily separable thus one can defrost only what one needs, without destroying the texture and quality of the rest.

The Fishvish team has always been courteous, prompt and never messed up an order. My orders have arrived at the expected time whether ordered online via their website, over the phone or via SMS. My only hope is that they start a Sunday delivery option :) I would highly recommend anyone to try Fishvish for their quality and ease."

Shraddha Nigavekar
Baner, Pune

"I have been ordering from Fishvish for the last year or so and trust them with timely delivery of fresh, clean and individually flash frozen fish every single time. The variety is just great and the prices are comparable to the local fishmongers, who I haven't visited in quite some time. Great value for my money."
Shikha Agarkhedkar
Baner, Pune