The current low stocks of our seafood products which was a direct result of the catastrophe that hit Kerala, will soon be a thing of the past.

Heat & Eat


What is Heat & Eat?

A line of products specifically & carefully designed for those of us who love seafood but never seem to get enough of it on a regular basis. It became abundantly clear to us that there were three things coming in the way:
  1. No Time
  2. Majority of us simply do not have the time to cook so seafood becomes mostly a weekend affair.
  3. Limited Cooking Experience with Seafood
  4. While some of us are comfortable cooking some types of seafood in a few ways, lots of us are not as comfortable with cooking newer varieties or cooking methods.
  5. Exploring Cuisines
  6. A large number us want to try all sorts of cuisines. Eating at restaurants or ordering in from them is one way to do that, but if we're looking for regular seafood excitement then this is not always feasible.
Heat & Eat products are fully cooked, frozen, seafood dishes cooked home style in a variety of cuisines and cooking styles.


Why Home Chefs?

We have such a large variety of seafood, it would have been a shame not offer the same variety in cuisine.

We love to try our hand at different types of cooking styles and cuisines all the time. We figured there were more like us around. Home Chefs give us not only a variety in cooking styles but also each home chef has their own signature style and variations that they bring to each recipe. Their travels across India and abroad is unique to them and that can bring unique twists to dishes they have to offer.

An added bonus working with Home Chefs is that it would allow age old, traditional recipes that their grand parents had passed on, to get a modern touch and continue to be shared.

Pair this with the variety of raw produce that we already have on offer and the possibilities are endless.

Our Home Chef Stars

All our Home Chef Stars - Soma, Monalisa, Sheetal and Rupika (take a bow ladies!) just loved the idea when we first spoke about it and it's been a delicious ride ever since.

Soma Pradhan
Software Professional who turns Home Chef after office hours, never afraid to play with ingredients, adapting old techniques to new ingredients and vice versa, experimenting in her Kitchen Lab to create every dish healthy, nutritious without any compromise in flavor. Pens down all her creations and experiments at and supports them with descriptive pictures making it easy for readers to understand and follow. Cooking for her is cooking well rather than cooking fancy which she is believes comes only with practice and loving the food she cooks whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
Monalisa Mehrotra
I am Monalisa Mehrotra, an army brat, wife and mother, as well as the self-taught, mom-taught, grandma-taught cook, writer, and an aspiring photographer. The kitchen is where my creative juices flow. I have never received any formal training but I love looking through food blogs and cookbooks (I devour them), trying out their recipes and being able to add my personal twist to it. And with my many many epic kitchen fails (sob sob), I have learned my way through the kitchen through hit and miss. I try to cook things that are practical, interesting, and delicious. And well hailing from Odisha, seafood is my forte.

Sheetal Kashikar
Sheetal is a lady of detail and precision when it comes to her professional life. Being a Queen of IT Testing, it is only to be expected. But when it comes to the home and kitchen, she is driven by pure instinct. The kitchen is her 'be myself' space and where she makes magic happen. She loves to experiment with recipes handed down by family elders and the Bombil Thecha Fry is a product of of her curiosity and creativity. She loves to cook with fish and meats and feed the hordes of friends and relatives who flock to her home seeking a hearty meal. Of course they are never disappointed.
Rupika Vatnani
An incorrigible gastronome, Rupika V is obsessed with all things food and is on a perpetual quest to find the best fare around, and will happily travel afar to find it.

Her curiosity about ingredients, cooking processes, cultural influences on cuisines, and early exposure to eats from around the globe have all contributed toward shaping her passionate zeal for cooking and eating. Cooking is productive therapy for her, and an instinctive, almost-fanatical affection for ingredients and flavours only encourages her to explore and create dishes that nourish both - the body and the soul.

She supports and promotes the use of whole, fresh, local ingredients and the preservation of culinary traditions and techniques.

Our Kitchen Stars

A wizard on the stove whether Indian or global cuisine. Has an unquenchable thirst to learn. Makes his own pasta - refuses to use any commercial pasta whatsoever. And has a deft touch at plating too.
Wizard at the Tandoor but equally at home with curries. Learns really fast and understands flavours instantly. Has his own tricks to add colour to dishes without using any artificial coloring agents without affecting the taste!
Our youngest kitchen magician, learning the ropes still but man can he cut and chop. Won't use a mandoline. Perfectly hand chopped produce every time! Does all the prep in the kitchen.


How We Do It?

Soma & Monalisa are both hands-on cooks. This was reflected in their teaching and training methods at our kitchen. We had these sessions spread over 4 days, morning to night. In a word - exhausting. But so rewarding in terms of the food we got to taste and the learning for kitchen staff and us.

All the dishes were discussed and lists prepared of who was cooking what and when and what they needed prepped. The kitchen was buzzing for 2 days prepping before our Home Chefs even set foot in it! We've never seen any training go off this smoothly before.

Between Soma, Monalisa and our own recipes, we had a starting list of 30 dishes to be prepared for trials. By the time we finished testing and sampling we were left with 15 that we were ready to launch with and the others were left on the "to tweak" list for now. Some of these dishes have a lot of steps. SImple and home style, yes, but just a lot of very necessary steps to get the flavours and textures just right.

The wait to test the frozen product was agonizing to say the least. We'd already tasted them all so we knew they are awesome. We just wanted to know that they'd be awesome after freezing too! They were. Of course since then we've tweaked the fish cooking, thawing and heating times a little but overall they were yummy and fish had stayed firm and moist or soft and juicy as the dish required. We hope you enjoy these and all the new ones we will add every so often.

Oh yeah, we do know that keeping it in the freezer for 6 days does NOT take anything away from the flavour, texture or quality of the fish or the dish. We also know that you probably won't ever keep it in a freezer that long, but hey, if you ever need to, it will be nice knowing you can right? Bon Appétit.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please drop us a line on heatandeat@fishvish,.com