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Why Us


We set the bar high - for ourselves. With our own poor experiences with finding seafood we really wanted in Pune, we set about breaking the problem down into smaller individual pain points. Having found the answers to these we are able to bring the choicest seafood to your doorstep.

Fishvish was solely focused on seafood, a single minded approach to dealing with a single food type. Continually scouring the country for newer varieties has allowed us to increase your value proposition.

Keeping the same quality initiative in mind, we have now introduced Chicken and Mutton (Goat Meat), both meat types coming from amongst the best halal certified farms around Pune. The basic tenets of high quality meat, whether chicken or mutton, are more or less the same.


  1. Feed
  2. Antibiotics
  3. Age of bird
  4. Water content
  5. Preservatives 


  1. Feed
  2. Age of goat
  3. Water content
  4. Preservatives 

So the questions that needed answers related to Quality, Sizing, Variety and Cooking Inexperience. Over 3 years of research and trials have led us to set these processes in place.

  • Quality - We have two types of fresh fresh frozen products:
    • IQF - These indivdually quick frozen products (frozen to -40°C) are Export Grade and come from HACCP, USFDA and EU certified factories. The products are vaccum sealed and maintained at -24°C in our freezers.
    • Regional - These are sourced from leading regional suppliers from around India. The fish are scaled, cleaned, gutted, cut, frozen to -24°C and vacuum sealed to maintain their quality.
  • Sizing - The IQF fresh frozen products are the same grade and size that are actually being exported and are NOT "export reject". 
  • Variety - We already procure our fresh frozen products from across length and breadth of the country. From ocean to river to farm raised, you're getting our large variety of fish all through the year. There are certain type of seafood products that are still being researched as they need more careful handling during transport and its not just about the cold chain management. The variety would be no good if the final quality was poor and we feel too strongly about this to offer you poor quality seafood.
  • Cooking - A lot of people cook really well but havent cooked with too many varieties of fish. Our chats with our customers showed that they really want to be more adventurous with seafood but are a little wary because they just havent cooked it enough by virtue of many varieties not being available. This is where we come in.
    • Curation - We curate every product. We cook each product in various cuisines and cooking methods before we offer them to you. We have an in-house process for testing longevity and quality degradation of our products. No product that fails this process ever reaches our website. 
    • Expertise - The founders have spent the last 3+ years in learning all about fish - cuts, texture, preparation styles, cuisines, substitutions etc. They took over management and successfully ran a restaurant for a little over a year quadrupling its turnover and setting a bar for food variety and quality. With an in-house chef we have not only the founders passion but also proven expertise and track record to maximise your seafood experience.

These were the areas of our pain and we believe are also yours. We took the time to identify and address them. We're offering you a great buying, cooking and eating experience. We really do not want anything to get in the way of you and your seafood.